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Today there is a variety of weave types available in our company. They include Double Crimp Screen, Single Intermediate Crimp Screen, Double Intermediate Crimp Screen, Lock Crimp Screen, Slot Screen, Rectangular Screen, Intertwined Wire Bands and Flat-top Screen, etc.


Recently, our company developed two new products: Polyurethane Screen and Anti Clogging Screen.

Polyurethane screens have proven to be generally economical due to the long wear life and low maintenance requirements. Its wear life is enhanced by the polymers flexibility, which returns some of the impact energy imparted by the vibrating media. Noise is greatly reduced. Correctly applied Polyurethane screens can reduce or even eliminate plugging, pegging and blinding problems due to the tapered openings and resiliency of the material. Corrosion and rust are eliminated.

Anti-clogging wire screen, also known as Self Cleaning Screen, can drastically avoid the clogging and plugging of materials during screening. This type of screen is made of high tensile or stainless steel wires, with polyurethane bands that link crimped wires together.

Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company’s polyurethane screen and anti-clogging screen have adopted the most advanced technology in the world. All equipment is imported from Europe.



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